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L'Oréal Brasil and Proximity Marketing

The main purpose of the campaign was to promote the new L’oréal sunscreen “Solar Expertise”. Analyzing the behaviour of frequent buyers of L’oréal sunscreen, we were able to determine that the best places to impact those users with advertisements were beaches, clubs, parks, drug stores and supermarkets.

The greatest challenge faced by L’oréal was to find a scalable solution that enabled the Solar Expertise ads to reach the relevant consumers on selected places for the mobile campaign.

Target audience

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Three distinct segmentations were used: Proximity, who impacted users that were in a certain distance from the specified location

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Retargeting, who impacted users that were in contact with the advertisers brand.

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The Indoor segmentation, that impacted users who were in the specific addresses that were strategic to the campaign.

Considering that the damage caused by sun exposure is well known, buying a good sunscreen must be a habit for women who regularly frequent parks, beaches and clubs.

From this insight came the conclusion that women who frequent these places are way more likely to acquire a sunscreen then women who are elsewhere.

Still, the campaign could not be restricted to this target, because the places where Solar Expertise is sold are also critical in converting visits to them in sales. Because of that the action also impacted those places.

The campaign's target audience was clearly defined: women over 18 who belonged to A, B and C income brackets and were at the set places for the campaign in very specific times.

The campaign impacted women who fit the profile for L’oréal and, at the same time, were in places that encouraged the sale of the sunscreen “Solar Expertise” like parks, beaches, clubs, supermarkets and drug stores.

The campaign was groundbreaking for taking in consideration the context of the users. Instead of segmenting the campaign through classic parameters like gender, age and social class, the campaign utilized location as the quintessential parameter.

Interstitial Ads


The creative strategy was based on the big idea: PROTECT THE BEAUTY OF YOUR SKIN, we used a media strategy based on timezone and geolocation for the contextualization of the creatives.

This was the first L’óreal ran a Solar Expertise campaign using indoor location tech, because of this, there were no adaptations made based on previous situtations.

The use of indoor location technology allowed the campaign to impact only women who were in strategic places for the sale conversion. The indoor location technology was responsible for the success of the mobile campaign, given its great precision.

11% of the campaign’s budget was used in mobile.

Specific creatives were created for each moment the consumer was impacted. If she was in the beach or in a park, we delivered a message stimulating the product's use. If she was near a sale point, we delivered a call to action with conversion in mind, taking consumers to the drug stores to acquire the product.


The brand was able to increase its market share during the campaigns run time. In just 16 days, the mean CTR reached 2,65%, with 4.916.700 impressions, 129.992 clicks and 79.433 physical store visits. The biggest surprise was the push format: it’s CTR reached 11,92%, an impressive number for a mobile campaign.

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4.916.700 impressions

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129.992 clicks

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2,65% CTR

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79.433 physical store visits

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